AlumierMD Facials

Science-backed products and luxurious formulations that reveal luminous skin

Everyone wants clear, healthy skin. AlumierMD facials go beyond quick fixes and surface level products. Using medical grade, active ingredients they target the underlying physiology of each skin type and condition. AlumierMD’s evidence based approach not only slows the ageing process but also treats blemishes and acne. Whatever your skins challenge, AlumierMd treatments are proven and effective with an emphasis on relaxation too.

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EvenTone Brightening Facial
1 hr – £95.00

A luxury facial to diminish dark spots and help correct all forms of pigmentation. An invigorating Microdermabrasion formula actively exfoliates dead skin cells promoting skin renewal, while Moisture Boost Mask gives an intense dose of hydration. Finishes with an innovative blend of skin brightening agents and anti-oxidants for an instantly glowing and radiant complexion. Suitable for all skin Types

Peptide Firming Facial
1 hr – £95.00

This rejuvenating facial targets fine lines, dehydration and loss of elasticity leaving plump and glowing skin. An invigorating Microdermabrasion formula actively exfoliates dead skin cells promoting skin renewal. Matryxl Synthesix a powerful peptide complex, tightens and firms plus hydration is given an intense boost. Finishes with a high potency Vitamin A skin booster to diminish fine lines and refine skin texture.

Moisture Infusion Facial
1 hr – £95.00

Provides intense hydration to dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. Fruit enzymes are applied to exfoliate dead skin cells and promote skin renewal. A blend of natural sugars, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and natural moisturizing factors (NMFs) increase the skin’s ability to retain moisture and improve skin barrier function. Dehydration lines are plumped, comfort and softness are restored. Leaving radiant and glowing skin.

Detox Clear / Teen Facial
1 hr – £95.00

Targets acne, blemishes, blocked pores and unbalanced skin.
Natural clays, lactic acid, and fruit enzymes work to deep cleanse, exfoliate and draw out impurities. Excess oil is absorbed to minimise pore size, while aloe and antioxidant-rich green tea provide nourishment and enhance skin health. Includes Blue LED light therapy to destroy bacteria trapped in hair follicles. Can include manual pore extraction .
Promotes clear, bright skin with a smoother texture.

AlumierMD uses active ingredients to create prescription-strength solutions that treat a variety of skin concerns and conditions. Look no further for skin that’s radiant, clear, smooth, and toned in appearance!

After our Signature double cleanse a suitable exfoliator is chosen along with the prescriptive strength skincare suitable for your skin concerns. Includes a neck and shoulder massage for additional relaxation.

You may experience a mild tingling sensation during your treatment but AlumierMD facials are designed to be relaxing.

Skin may appear pink or flushed on the day of treatment.

You will see visible results after just one facial but best results will be seen after multiple treatments.

We recommend an AlumierMD Facial every month.

  • Roaccutane (depending on how long person has been on medication for is the amount of time they need to wait before being treated on)
  • Hydrocortisone cream (current use)
  • Allergy to aspirin (salicylic)
  • Fruit allergy
  • Currently being treated for severe systemic or autoimmune disease, must consult with their physician prior to treatment
  • History of radiation to region
  • Herpes simplex or active infection (must use prophylactic prior to treatment)
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding (may cause to skin to be sensitive)
  • History of extremely reactive skin
  • Sunburn
  • Recent Cosmetic injection within 5 days
  • Any recent cosmetic surgery, must consult with physician prior to treatment
  • Diabetes (uncontrolled)
  • Recent scar tissue that is not fully healed should be avoided
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