Hot Wax A more gentle way to remove hairs as short as 1-2mm. WHAT IS REVOLUTIONARY ABOUT OUR ‘HOT’ WAX? Unlike other waxes, prior to application pre-waxing oil is applied to the area to act as a barrier between the skin and the wax. The wax is then able to grip and shrink wrap tightly […]

Laser Hair Removal

Our NEW MD Diode 3 laser is the most advanced, safe and effective technology available today. Offering fast and permanent hair reduction on all area of the face and body 3 wavelength technologyEffective for all skin types and hair colours 66% more power than equivalent proprietary systemsOptimum results and more comfort High-frequency SHR technologyPain-free treatments, […]


For the permanent removal of unwanted hair. Free consultation available Suitable for small areas of hair removal, fine or coarse hair Can be combined with laser to treat white/blond hairs that won’t respond to laser hair removal Electrolysis provides permanent hair removal, causing hair to become finer after each treatment. Disposable gold needles are used […]


A quick and easy instant hair removal technique ideal for facial hair. Instant facial hair removal Quick, precise and effective Gentle – ideal for sensitive skin Unwanted facial hair can be removed instantly and gently with the ancient art of Threading – A hair removal technique from Asia. Threading enables very precise hair removal that […]