Perfect Lips Every Day! Sandy’s Permanent Makeup Lip Treatment achieves a perfectly shaped and tinted lip without a harsh lip line border, giving you shapely, full lips all day every day! Permanent makeup is the perfect way to restore the shape and fullness often lost with age and transform thin or uneven lips. Pigment is […]


You can have perfect eyebrows every day with Sandy’s advanced Permanent Makeup techniques. Beautifully shaped eyebrows frame your eyes and make you look younger. Brows are Sandy’s speciality and she offers a comprehensive choice of Permanent Makeup eyebrow techniques. You’ll be amazed at how natural and realistic they look. Were you a Plucky Teenager? […]


Perfect Eyes Everyday With Sandy’s Permanent Eyeliner techniques you can have thicker looking lashes, more defined eyes or the ‘made up’ liquid-liner look’ all day every day! Expertly applied Permanent Makeup Eyeliner will give you beautiful makeup results that stay put. With Sandy’s Eyeliner or Lash Enhancement there’s no smudging or panda eyes. It’s swim […]

About Permanent Make Up

Enjoy the many benefits of permanent makeup! Permanent Makeup offers many benefits… from accentuating your features, to infilling eyebrows that have been over-plucked. It’s also an amazing solution for cancer patients who may have lost their brows and lashes during treatment. Permanent Makeup not only looks great, but it saves you time. No more fiddling […]