Coolglide® Veins Face & Body

Quickly, safely and effectively treat blue, purple and red thread veins with our clinically proven Cutera CoolGlide laser

This state-of-the art aesthetic technology enables us to achieve great results on our clients, at an incredibly reasonable price compared to visiting a doctor or surgeon. We have 10 years’ experience offering laser vein removal at the MediSpa.

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  • Safe, clinically proven results
  • Cost effective
  • Average 1-3 sessions
  • Treats blue, purple & red thread veins on face & legs
  • Not suitable for varicose or veins that protrude from the skin

Consultation & Patch Test £30.00 Please note this treatment is not suitable for varicose veins or veins that protrude above the surface of the skin. 

Cost per session – from £145.00

Spider Nevi (Red Dots) – from £70.00

Red dots that appear commonly on the face and chest area can be safely and quickly treated with our CUTERA Laser.

The CoolGlide system delivers pulses of non-invasive light energy to heat the blood vessels and coagulate the blood in the unwanted vein. Your body then sees the targeted vein as a foreign “object” and your own immune system then breaks down and absorbs the vein leaving little or no trace of the original lesion.

You’re in experienced hands – Our laser operators have been safely carrying out this procedure since 2009.

We’ve already safely carried out over 800 CoolGlide vein procedures. Our laser specialists are fully trained and experienced in these procedures.

A Patch Test is carried out during your consultation for additional safety.

As we age our veins are not as efficient at returning blood back to the lungs. The blood then ‘sits’ in the vein causing it to enlarge and become a permanently visible thread vein!

In the case of varicose veins, the blood sitting in the vein builds up to such an extent it will bulge and protrude above the surface of the skin.

If you have fair skin your veins will be much more visible because the skin is more translucent. Also as our skin ages it becomes thinner so our veins show more easily.

Also if you are slim & carry less body fat, your veins will be closer to the surface of your skin and therefore become more visible.


Average 2-3 for optimum results

Results: It will Take 4-12 weeks for the immune system to reabsorb the vein depending on the size of the vein being treated.


Average 1-2 for optimum results

Results: It will Take 1-2 weeks for the immune system to reabsorb the vein.

Immediately after treatment: The vein will either disappear or become darker until it’s reabsorbed.

  • We do not treat varicose or any veins that protrude from the skin.
  • All forms of cancer (can have treatment again after having 5 YEARS of all clear)
    Pregnancy/ breastfeeding
  • Diabetes (uncontrolled)
  • Heart condition/cardiac pacemaker


Treatment can not be carried out if…

  • Tattoo in treatment area
  • Been in the sun 4 weeks prior to treatment
  • Botox® in area of treatment wait 2 weeks.
  • Dermal fillers in area of treatment wait 1 month


Contra-Indicated Medications

  • Roaccutaine (The length of time client has been on medication is the amount of time they need be off medication before being treated.
  • St Johns Wart (must be off medication for 1 YEAR)
  • Oral blood/skin thinners
  • Photo-sensitive medication. e.g some anti biotics and anti-depressants can make the skin sensitive to light. Please check to see if medication causes photo-sensitivity before booking.
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