Cyropen for Warts & Age/Brown Spots

For the safe removal of Age/Sun Spots, Warts and Verrucae.

  • Safe and FDA approved
  • Quick and effective
  • Treats a range of skin imperfections

CryoPen is an exciting innovation that has taken 13 years to develop. With FDA approval it’s an excellent solution for removing a wide range of skin imperfections quickly and effectively.

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We can remove most skin tags, milia, small patches of keratosis, warts, age spots and sun spots. If you are unsure if your skin lesion is any of the above then please send a picture to prior to making your appointment as there will be a min £30.00 booking charge even if we are unable to remove it for you.

Consultation & Treatment
£78.00 (up to 3 lesions)
£115.00 (5-10 lesions)
No patch test required

The CryoPen emits an ultra-fine jet of nitrous oxide, allowing us to work with millimetre precision so there is no damage to your healthy skin tissue. The nitrous oxide reaches temperatures of -89 degrees causing rapid freezing and cryonecrosis (destruction) of the unwanted cells of the lesion.

The fine jet of nitrous oxide is aimed at the unwanted lesion for a few seconds. The cold nitrous oxide has an analgesic effect so treatment is almost pain free. Over the next few days a slight crust may form where the lesion was, which will heal in 1-3 weeks.

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