Do Body Sculpting treatments really work? 10 most common myths

Ever played Chinese Whispers? When it comes to beauty and aesthetics, the pass-it-on nature of the internet has allowed plenty of misconceptions and myths to arise — particularly for body sculpting. As a result, many clients who come to the MediSpa for a consultation have incorrect beliefs and expectations about these treatments!

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Previously, body sculpting results were primarily achieved through invasive surgical approaches, such as liposuction. However, many modern body sculpting treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical, using paddle-like devices that sit against the skin to ‘melt’ away fat. The results? A tighter, smoother, and more shapely appearance with minimal disruption and discomfort.

We offer two treatment options at MediSpa — EMSCULPT and Lipofirm Pro (read on for an exclusive offer!).
With falsehoods aplenty, we’re here to clear up confusion around some of the most common body sculpting myths.

1. It aids weight loss
Body sculpting treatments are not an alternative to diet or exercise and are certainly not a quick-fix weight loss solution. What they can do is aid in reducing fat in certain body parts and — as their name suggests — create more definition.
Even for those undergoing body sculpting treatments, it’s important not to slack off with healthy habits. Eating a balanced diet and partaking in regular exercise can help you obtain — and maintain — the best possible results.

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2. Treatments don’t work

False — although, when it comes to body contouring, patience is a virtue! Following a series of 4 EMSCULPT sessions, you can expect to see full results after 3 months. Meanwhile, following 8 Lipofirm Pro treatments, you can expect full results after 6 weeks. 

As MediSpa director Sandy reveals, it’s worth the wait. “A year ago, it seemed my waist disappeared overnight!” she recalls. “Unhappy with my new body shape, I researched menopausal weight gain and body sculpting devices. Then, after writing an article on contouring treatments featured in Vision magazine (read it here), I followed my own advice and began EMSCULPT. Within 3 months, I had regained my waist!”

 Booking a consultation with one of our team will enable you to discuss your goals and obtain a realistic results timeline. It’s essential to be clued up on the procedures and their possible outcomes, and we have medical papers and verified studies available for you to read, too.

3. Anyone can have body sculpting

Sort of. It’s true that body sculpting isn’t just for women: plenty of men undergo treatments, too. However, some factors can mean it’s still unsuitable for you — such as pregnancy, particular medical conditions, or obesity. Speak with one of our team to find out if it’s a fit for you.

4. It’s painful

The non-invasive nature of body sculpting treatments means they’re much less painful than surgical approaches! We’d be lying if we said you wouldn’t feel anything — but discomfort is kept to a minimum. For instance, the sensations created by EMSCULPT treatments feel intense but not painful.

5. Results don’t last

While body sculpting results (sadly) don’t last forever, they will see you through much more than just a few weeks.

 Lipofirm causes fat cells to shrink and empty their contents, with the waste removed naturally by the body’s lymphatic system. On the other hand, EMSCULPT destroys fat cells and works to increase muscle mass. Clinical studies have shown results last for 12 months following a course of treatments. 

6. Sculpting banishes loose skin
It depends. If you want to tighten loose skin, selecting the correct treatment is vital. EMSCULPT targets fat cells — not skin elasticity. However, Lipofirm Pro can aid in targeting and improving the appearance of loose, saggy skin.

 7. You can only target the stomach

Wrong! In addition to the abdomen area, we can also perform contouring treatments on other body parts, such as the underarms, hips, thighs, and chin.

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8. Recovery takes a long time
Nope. Because body contouring treatments, such as EMSCULPT and Lipofirm Pro, are non-surgical, you’ll experience zero downtime and can resume your day as usual once you finish your treatment session. 

9. It comes with lots of risks
As with many cosmetic procedures, non-surgical body sculpting isn’t 100% risk-free. However, you’ll be pleased to learn that this type of procedure is considered ‘ ultra safe’ and associated with very few risks. To double check you’re not at higher risk for any issues, one of the MediSpa team will discuss your medical history with you.  

10. It’s expensive
Not necessarily. Pricing varies according to the type of treatment you opt for (either EMSCULPT or Lipofirm Pro), the number of sessions you have, and which body area you’re targeting.
Offer: Want to try before you buy? We’re offering 20 consultation and taster sessions (10 for EMSCULPT and 10 for Lipofirm Pro) at the special price of just £20 each. But once they’re gone, they’re gone! 

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We look forward to welcoming you into the MediSpa soon!
Sandy Hamber

MediSpa Director