Limelight Skin Rejuvenation

Uses non-invasive Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology to provide TOTAL SKIN REJUVENATION.

LIMELIGHT evens out the complexion, firms the skin and balances facial colour and tones. So, whether it’s tiny facial veins giving you a permanent redness, or sunspots and pigmentation, LIMELIGHT will reduce and remove them. It also stimulates new collagen synthesis, to leave you with an overall healthier, clearer and more radiant looking skin.

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Perfect for…
  • Visible results from just 1 – 3 treatments.
Limelight (Full face and neck) – £205.00
Limelight (Hands) – £100.00 
Limelight (Hands and forearms) – £226.00
Limelight (Full arms) – £310.00
Limelight Décolleté or neck or face – £136.00
Individual Age Spots From – £80.00
  • Consultation & Patch Test required min 48 hours before treatment – £30.00
  • Combinations of the above are available at a reduced cost

During treatment a light is passed across the skin, which is absorbed by the sun/brown spots and blood vessels creating heat and denaturing the unwanted problem area causing it to either flake off (age spots) or be reabsorbed by the body (blood vessels).

You may experience a mild pinching or stinging sensation.

Sunspots will immediately go darker and then flake off approximately 1 week after treatment. Small veins will often disappear immediately after treatment.

1-3 treatments are usually sufficient to achieve good results. Within approx 1-2 weeks the brown patches will have flaked off and tiny facial veins will have reduced leaving a clearer, younger-looking and more even complexion.

  • All forms of cancer (can have treatment again after having 5 YEARS of all clear)
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy/ breastfeeding
  • Tattoo
  • Roaccutaine (depending on how long person has been on medication is the amount of time they need to wait before being treated on, can cause long term sensitivity)
  • Using St Johns Wart (must be off medication for 1 YEAR)
  • Oral blood/skin thinners
  • Been in the sun 4 weeks prior to treatment
  • On light sensitive medication
  • Hairs must be dark enough (blonde hairs will not work )
  • Must have patch test before treating and must have a re-patch test if client has not been treated for 6 months
  • Areas being treated with Botox®(wait 3 months) or dermal fillers (wait 2 weeks) should be avoided
  • Diabetes (uncontrolled)
  • Heart condition/cardiac pacemaker
  • Recent scar tissue that is not fully healed should be avoided
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