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EMFACE for Double Chin & Jowls 

The first & only treatment to target loss of muscle tone, skin laxity & excess fat.


We’ve previously praised the virtues of the fabulous EMFACE – a surgery-free ‘facelift’. Now, we’re thrilled to share that this treatment just got even better!




EMFACE treatments typically involve applicator pads placed on the forehead (to lift the brow area and hooded eyelids) and the cheeks (to lift jowls). These pads emit electromagnetic energy waves to contract and tighten muscles and radiofrequency waves to stimulate collagen production.

However, the current pad placements do not target underneath the chin – an area that a huge 79% of people report feeling self-conscious about (men as much as women!). But our new EMFACE add-on – available at the MediSpa from next week – will allow you to do just that.


Chin up!

The new EMFACE chin pad not only lifts and tightens skin and muscle in the area, but can also be used to melt away fat cells.

This means it’s ideal for treating concerns such as:

Turkey neck (caused by loose skin)

Double chin (caused by excess fat)

‘Pseudo’ double chin (caused by loose muscle)


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The EMFACE chin applicator – placed directly underneath the chin and jawline, just above the neck – effectively targets all layers of muscle and skin. On average, patients experience a 31% reduction in double chin appearance following four treatments (one per week). You won’t be able to believe the difference!


Traditional solutions to banish double chins or tighten saggy chin skin involve painful surgery, leading to extended downtime, bruising, and swelling. However, each EMFACE treatment is entirely non-invasive, takes just 20 minutes, and requires zero downtime – so you can get straight back to your day! The EMFACE chin pad can be used standalone or in combination with pads on the forehead or cheeks


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Find out more


We’re holding a special open day this coming Monday 11 March & Wednesday 13th March, where our experts will offer Private EMFACE Consultations and answer your questions on the treatment. Plus, there’ll be an exclusive EMFACE offer: book four treatments on the day to enjoy up to £1,000 course saving AND receive a free facial to complement your EMFACE sessions.

Consultation sessions will be available between 9am and 8pm on both days and require a £25 booking fee, which is either redeemable upon treatment or will be refunded if you are not suitable.

To reserve your place, call our reception team on 01277 230330 or email us here