Professional Skin Consultation

With so many scientifcally-advanced treatments and cosmeceutical products available it’s difficult to know which will give you the best results for your individual needs
and concerns. That’s why we offer The Professional Skin Consultation so you can seek the advice of one of our Senior Therapists. A full consultation will enable your highly-trained therapist to gain a deeper understanding of your skin and recommend treatments that are both safe and effective.

What should I expect?

During your consultation your therapist will ask you your concerns, treatment goals and expectations, as well as medical history and previous treatments you’ve had. Your therapist will then carry out a skin analysis to assess the current condition of your skin. Where necessary a treatment plan will then be recommended for your individual requirements, and your therapist will explain what sort of results you can realistically expect to see. She may also perform a patch test, if necessary. Finally, your therapist may also take a ‘before’ photo, allowing you to look back at your progress at the end of your treatments.

Ready to take the first step to happier skin? Professional Skin Consultation
30 mins – – £25.75   (Redeemable against any recommended products or treatments)

IMAGE Facials

Achieve incredible skin rejuvenating & blemish-free results

  • Treatments tailored to your individual concerns
  • Helps correct damage caused by ageing, hormonal factors, exposure to the elements and unwanted blemishes
  • IMAGE is one of the most innovative skincare brands in the industry!

IMAGE has created a highly effective range of cosmeceutical products that help to revitalise skin. Skincare professionals around the world recommend IMAGE products to keep skin radiant, healthy and youthful.

Our aim, through our range of tailored IMAGE facials and skin peels, is to help correct the damage that has occurred to your skin through the passing of time , hormonal factors, sun damage or unwanted blemishes. IMAGE treatments are not only effective, but can be incredibly relaxing too.

So…If you want to make a positive step towards improved skin health and appearance, we invite you to book an IMAGE Skincare Consultation to learn how you can achieve the clear, healthy, vibrant looking skin you’ve always wanted!

IMAGE Skincare philosophy is simplicity, value and results.

Available exclusively from IMAGE Skincare, Vectorize Technology™ is a revolutionary innovation that utilises up to 100 layers of active ingredients such as stem cells and peptides into sphere-like molecular structures. Once applied to the skin, the encapsulated ingredients are time-released, layer after layer, offering deeper product penetration for a prolonged period of time while delivering unparalleled results.
Every IMAGE product purchased at The MediSpa will earn you points towards Image treatments

Image Skincare Consultation
30 mins – £25.75

(100% redeemable against product or treatment.) We want you to get the best possible results from your treatments and products. A consultation helps us choose the best skincare regime for your concerns and skin type.

Image Prescriptive Facial
45 mins – £46.50NEW

The perfect 4 step plan to suit your skins unique needs. Starts with double cleansing followed by a micro-exfoliating masque with alpha hydroxy acids to resurface and rejuvenate the skin. Image serums are then massaged into the skin to correct and restore, followed by moisturizers to hydrate and protect.

02 Facial
1 hour – £67.00

A luxury Spa Facial to exfoliate, illuminate and oxygenate. The gorgeous IMAGE 02 Facial releases fresh, healthy skin that has been hidden below layers of older skin cells. The process is gentle and invigorating, leaving radiant, glowing skin.

Signature Facelift
45 mins – £67.50

Will brighten and tighten your skin leaving it rejuvenated and revitalised. With a blend of highly potent vitamin C and polypeptides to brighten and tighten your skin. This nourishing four-layer enzyme peel will leave your skin rejuvenated and revitalised. Ideal for all skin types including skin showing the signs of ageing , rosacea and sensitive skin. Add on a deeply relaxing face, neck & shoulder massage using IMAGE Vital C Facial Oil for £15.00

Illuminating Facial
1 hr – £77.25

Helps corrects all forms of pigmentation without irritating the skin, for instantly brighter and revitalised skin. This relaxing treatment combines powerful anti-oxidants, peptides and enzymes with the latest innovations in skin lightening technology.

The MAX Facial
1 hr – £77.25

Instantly firms skin and increases the formation of collagen – A relaxing treatment with MAXimum results. The MAX Facial is packed with the maximum amount of enzymes, peptides and plant stem cells to target fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dull skin. It offers a BOTOX like effect, relaxing facial expression muscles.

How does it work?

IMAGE is one of the most innovative skincare brands in the industry. Their revolutionary products benefit from the highest percentages of active ingredients allowed by the FDA to maximise the results you can achieve.

Vectorize Technology™, only available from Image Skincare, utilises up to 100 layers of active ingredients, such as stem cells and peptides, into sphere-like molecular structures. When applied to the skin, the encapsulated ingredients are time-released, layer after layer, offering deeper product penetration for a prolonged period of time. This innovative skincare regime delivers unparalleled results to combat the signs of ageing and uneven skin tone.

The most suitable IMAGE treatments and products for your skin concern/s will be discussed during your IMAGE Skincare Consultation with one of our specialist therapists.

When will I see results?

You will enjoy immediate results following your first IMAGE treatment. A course of treatments will improve ongoing results and this will be discussed during your IMAGE Skincare Consultation.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments you require to treat your individual concern/s and to achieve maximum results will be discussed with your therapist during your IMAGE Skincare Consultation.

Clarins Tri Active Facials

New Clarins Tri-Active Facials deliver immediate rejuvenating and wellbeing results that last.

  • Combines a specialised and skillful massage with Clarins exclusive high performance formulas (for professional use only)
  • A totally unique and blissful experience
  • Visible and immediate rejuvenating results

Now more effective than ever before, thanks to new techniques derived from over 60 years of research, expertise and knowledge of the skin.

Each facial is unique! Our Beauty Therapist will adapt her movements and products to your needs and wishes. At the heart of each treatment is a 25-minute Facial Massage, which lifts, firms and sculpts the contours of the face giving immediately visible revitalising results. Choose from five Tri-Active Facial Treatments that will leave you feeling relaxed with a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

Lifting Replenisher
1hr 15mins – £68

A luxuriously replenishing treatment that replumps and regenerates, bringing radiance to mature skin. This treatment smooths, resculpts and redefines facial contours as well as visibly reducing the look of wrinkles and dark spots. The ultimate rejuvenation for your skin.

Power Firmer
1hr 15mins – £68

An intensive firming treatment that visibly diminishes the look of wrinkles. This treatment stimulates the skin to deliver a triple rejuvenating action targeting wrinkles, firmness and elasticity. Wrinkles appear reduced, facial features lifted and your youthful vitality is restored.

Radiance Reviver
1hr 15mins – £68

A revitalising treatment that smooths the first signs of wrinkles and protects stressed out skin. This treatment recharges dull, tired and stressed skin with a cocktail of antioxidants and revitalising plant extracts. Skin regains a healthy, dewy glow and early lines and wrinkles are smoothed. Your skin is better protected against lifestyle and environmental aggressors that lead to premature ageing.

Moisture Quencher
1hr 15mins – £68

Helps restore comfort, softness and moisture to dry and dehydrated skin. This multi-level hydration treatment gives intense nourishment for dry and weakened skin. Dehydration lines are plumped and feelings of tightness disappear. Your skin feels wonderfully soft and supple with its radiance restored.

Skin Soother
1hr 15mins – £68

A calming treatment to soothe and comfort sensitised and irritated skin. This soothing and healing facial will help calm irritated and sensitised skin. Redness is reduced and your skin recovers its softness, suppleness and comfort.


Any Clarins product purchased at The MediSpa will earn you ‘C’ points worth a generous 20% back in Clarins products.
How does it work?

Clarins is one of the world’s leading skincare brands.

Each facial combines a specialised and skillful massage with CLARINSPRO products. Exclusively formulated for use during Tri Active Facials they contain the latest plant discoveries and scientific innovations. Designed to repair and replenish a variety of skin types, improving many common skin concerns such as the signs of ageing, dehydration, uneven pigmentation and more.

When will I see results?

You will see results directly after your first Clarins Tri Active Facial and improvement will continue for the next 7 days. Skin will be left looking nourished and hydrated.

What happens during the treatment?

The new Tri-Active Facials involve 5 luxurious and personalised steps to treat the face and eyes with a special focus on the delicate neck, décolleté́ and hands.

1. Relaxation Ritual – A moment of instant calm, with relaxation and breathing techniques combined with soothing aromatherapy.

2. Make-Up Removal – Following the Clarins Anti-Pollution Professional Method to gently purify and protect the skin.

3. Double Exfoliation – Buff away dead skin cells for smoother, brighter and more youthful- looking skin.

4. Anti-Ageing Facial Massage – A Clarins innovation, which sculpts the contours of the face with a firming, reshaping and relaxing anti-ageing massage.

5. Triple Face-Eyes-Décolleté Mask – The treatment is customised according to your skin’s needs using a wide variety of textures for an ultra-relaxing sensorial experience.

How many treatments will I need?

Whilst you will see results following your very first treatment, a course of treatments will improve optimum results. This is something that your Clarins trained therapist will discuss with you.

Clarins Aromatic Balancer Facials

An All-Time Clarins Favourite!

  • A luxurious rebalancing treatment with aromatherapy oils
  • Tailored to your individual skin concerns
  • Relaxing and great value

These facials start with a consultation, skin analysis and preparatory relaxation. Your skin is cleansed and gently exfoliated. You are then treated to a relaxing massage including the face, décolleté and scalp. This is followed by the application of a plant-based mask used to increase the activity of the natural ingredients.

Aromatic Balancer
1hr – £49.00

Oily and congested, dry and dull, dehydrated or sensitive… Whatever your skin condition this customised treatment will rebalance and restore a healthy glow thanks to the plant-based natural beauty secret… The potency of Clarins renowned 100% pure plant facial oils, which are prescribed according to your skin type, contain essential oils of Sandalwood, Lotus and Blue Orchid.

Extra Relaxing Aromatic Balancer
1hr 15 mins – £60.00

Pleasure and enjoyment is what this facial is all about. Treatment starts with a deep-tissue back massage followed by an Aromatic Balancer Facial. Relax and enjoy 75 minutes of pure bliss.

We always allow an extra 15 minutes for all 1st facial appointments. This allows time for a full skin consultation. Please notify us if it’s your 1st facial at the time of booking.

Each Clarins facial product purchased at The MediSpa will earn you ‘C’ points worth a generous 20% back in Clarins products.

ULTRA LIFT the MAX Signature Facial

Give your skin everything it needs… Lift, firm, exfoliate & hydrate!

  • Double exfoliation for brighter and smoother skin
  • Tightens and tones the facial muscles visibly lifting facial contours
  • Deeply hydrates the skin
  • Has a Botox effect on the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines

Ultra Lift The Max Signature Facial
Treatment time 1 hr 30 mins – – £108.00

Delivers brighter, tighter and smoother skin, with firmer and lifted facial contours. This effective Ultra Lift The Max Facial works deep into the muscle for improved facial contours. The products, technologies and methods used deliver maximum lift and skin firming results.

What happens during treatment?
  • Ultrasound Microdermabrasion
  • IMAGE Ormedic Skin Peel containing a blend of fruit enzymes, peptides and stem cells
  • CACI Micro-current
  • Stem Cell Enhancer and Hyuralonic Acid used for a deeply relaxing facial massage
  • Max Stem Cell Mask with CACI Electro Stimulation for maximum penetration
  • Finishing with the application of MAX Eye Crème, Vital C Serum and SPF 50 protection
What effect does it have on the skin?
  • Deep but gentle exfoliation to instantly brighten the skin
  • Tightens and tones the facial muscles visibly lifting facial contours
  • Stimulates cell renewal and invigorates the skin
  • Deeply hydrates the skin
  • Has a Botox effect on the skin dramatically reducing the appearance of fine lines due to facial expression
  • Powerful peptides to restore skins youth and radiance
Does it hurt?

The Ultra Lift the MAX Facial is pleasant and relaxing. It does not hurt.

When will I see results?

You will enjoy immediate results following your facial with on going results becoming evident for several days after your treatment too.

Treatment is not advised if you have any of the following medical conditions:
  • All forms of cancer (can have treatment after 5 YEARS all clear plus a doctor’s note)
  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes (doctors note needed if not under control)
  • Heart condition/pacemaker
  • Facial implants (if treating face)
  • Recent surgery on face ( in last 6 months)
  • Botox® wait 2 week ( may reduce length of time Botox works if working over treated area)
  • Dermal fillers (wait 2 weeks)
  • Note: Anti-depressants, high blood pressure and other muscle relaxants may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Metal reconstruction work on face
  • Using St Johns Wart (must be off medication for 1 YEAR)
  • Roaccutaine (depending on how you have been on medication is the amount of time you need to wait before being treated)

Gene0+ (4-in-1) SUPER FACIAL

Non-invasive facial treatments for immediate radiant, glowing and firmed skin

Exfoliate. Infuse. Oxygenate. Tighten

  • Increases collagen and reduces the signs of ageing
  • Restores skin volume thanks to skin plumping and hydrating ingredients
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and leaves skin with a renewed youthful glow

Patented and clinically proven the Gene0+ 4-in-1 Super Facial combines exfoliation, oxygenation, nourishment and skin firming with the infusion of essential revitalising nutrients for deep facial rejuvenation. Choose from NeoRevive™ for rejuvenation and or NeoBright™ for skin brightening and texture improvement. Improvements are seen from the first treatment and include:

  • Skin Plumping & Hydrating
  • Restored Skin Volume
  • Renewed Youthful Glow
  • Boosting Collagen
  • Reduced Hyper-pigmentation

  • Improved Skin Cell Production
  • Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles
  • Safe for ANY skin type!
  • Firmer skin and tightened pores
  • Relaxing & enjoyable


Oxygeneo + Facial
45 mins – £65.00

Face & Neck – exfoliate, infuse and oxygenate
*Without Radio Frequency (skin firming)

Gene0 + Super Facial
60 mins – £85.00

Face & Neck – exfoliate, infuse and oxygenate and Tripolar Radio Frequency (skin firming)

Tripolar Radio Frequency
45 mins – £65.00

Face & Neck – Skin firming only

What makes Gene0+ a Super Facial?

Gene0+ provides 4 effective facial treatments simultaneously – Exfoliate, infuse, oxygenate and tighten. Gene0+ provides superior anti-aging results by treating the skin at a deeper level.

Learn more about how it works below.

How does the Gene0 4-in-1 Super Facial work?

4-in-1 Therapy = Better Results!

Microdermabrasion plus deep facial rejuvenation with the infusion of essential revitalising nutrients and healing skin oxygenation from within. Gene0+ treatments are suitable for all skin types – any ethnicity and pigmentation, sensitive skin, and even for those who keloid (scar) and couldn’t otherwise have abrasion treatments.

How It Works


Similar to microdermabrasion, the Gene0+ exfoliates the upper skin layer to remove dead cells, smooth and renew the skin, preparing it to receive active nutrients. The Gene0+ is safe on all skin tones and can treat sensitive skin without any irritation.


Through our exclusive Capsugen, the Gene0+ cleanses the skin while infusing nutrient-rich active ingredients. You choose between the NeoRevive™ for rejuvenation and anti-aging or NeoBright™ for skin brightening and texture improvement.


The Gene0+ produces C02 bubbles which gently burst on the skin surface creating a physiological response, sending oxygen-rich blood to the area, increasing capillary flow and skin metabolism. Oxygenation results in optimal absorption of active ingredients.


Radio Frequency is used to stimulate fibroblast activity to produce collagen formulation and immediately tighten collagen fibres for tissue retraction in the skin.

Which Gene0+ Super Facial should I choose?

You can choose from two specialised formulas to treat specific skin conditions…

While each Gene0+ treatment softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimises pores, hydrates and nourishes the skin, revitalises a dull complexion and improves the overall facial appearance, you get to choose a nourishing Capsugen that fits your specific skin concerns.

NeoBright Formula – Skin Lightening


  • Reduces skin pigmentation and sun damage while lightening the skins complexion
  • Provides skin hydration and oxygenation
  • Improves skin texture and minimises pore appearance
  • Creates healthy, younger looking skin

NeoRevive – Skin Rejuvenation / Anti-Aging


  • Smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Revitalises dull complexion
  • Minimises pores, smoothing out the skin
  • Skin tightening and rejuvenating


Treatment is not advised if you have any of the following medical conditions:
  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Under 18 years old
  • Prolonged steroids / tetracyclines
  • All forms of cancer (can have treatment after having 5 YEARS of all clear).
  • Using St Johns Wart (must be off medication for 1 YEAR).
  • Roaccutaine (the time you have been on medication is the amount of time you need to be off medication before being treated).
  • Botox/ fillers ( 2 weeks ) ( 4 weeks dermal fillers, depending on the filler type)
  • Gold threads.
  • Plastic threads, (have to wait 6 months before being able to have treatment)
  • Pacemaker / severe heart problems
  • Metal reconstruction work on face
  • Epilepsy
  • Sunburnt skin
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