Instantly improve the appearance of your hands and cultivate beautiful, healthy nails with one of our natural nail services

GEL Manicures

With all our Long-lasting Gel manicures we offer a choice of either – Jessica GELeration or OPI GELcolor.

  • A manicure that lasts up to 2 weeks!
  • A high-gloss, flawless finish
  • Fast application and dries instantly
  • Simple removal

What happens during application?

Firstly your cuticles are tidied, and nails are filed and shaped a GEL base colour, 2 coats of your chosen GEL colour and a GEL top coat are applied and then placed under an LED light to dry instantly.

How do I maintain my GEL manicure?

GEL polish can be soaked off and reapplied as often as you wish. Most clients find an appointment every 2 weeks keeps immaculate looking nails.

Will GEL polish damage my natural nails?

No, providing you don’t pick or peel the product off your nails. You must soak GEL polish off – either at home using our soak off kits or in the salon prior to your next application.

Re-Polish 15mins £13.00

GELeration / OPI GEL Polish 15mins £18.00

An application of GELeration/OPI GEL Polish. PLEASE NOTE: Only suitable for nails that require no cuticle work, filing or shaping.

Jessica Express Manicure 30mins £21.50

Includes cuticle tidy, nails filed and shaped, hand cream and an immaculate application of polish.

Jessica Express Manicure + GELeration / OPI GEL Polish 30mins £29.00

Jessica Treatment Manicure 45mins £31.50

Includes a cuticle soak and tidy then nails are filed and shaped. Hand and arm exfoliation is followed by a luxury massage. Finished with an application of polish.

Jessica Treatment Manicure + GELeration / OPI GEL Polish 45mins £37.00

OPI Pro Spa Manicure 1hr £41.00

providing unparalleled moisture and anti-ageing results. bIncludes: Nails shape and cuticle tidy, followed by hand and arm exfoliation with PRO Spa Micro Exfoliating hand polish to slough away rough dry skin and brighten the skin tone. Nourishing Moisture Whip Mask with ultra-hydrating Macadamia oil and collagen building peptides is then applied along with a heavenly hand and arm pressure point massage. An anti-oxidant rich spray is then applied to leave your skin protected and nourished. Finishes with an immaculate application of polish.

Signature EVERLASTING GEL Manicure 30 mins £33.00

Immaculate nails are a real treat, but they have to last! We’ve combined all the best products and techniques acquired during years of experience to create what we believe is the ultimate GEL Manicure. It has incredible staying power on even the most hard-working of hands.

Cuticle work, file and shape and the application of a vitamin soak to encourage healthy nails. A small application of Jessica Recovery Nail is placed into the middle of the nail, a secret base coat is applied for amazing adhesion, then an immaculate application of OPI or GELeration Gel Polish coats the nails. Cuticles are nourished with Jessica Phenomen Oil and the manicure is finished off with a silky slick of hand cream.

Soak off Treat & Tidy 30mins £18.00

Includes removal of your gel polish, cuticle tidy plus an application of Jessica Restoration Nail Strengthener and Phenomen Oil to rejuvenate your nails.

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