Instantly improve the appearance of your hands and cultivate beautiful, healthy nails with one of our natural nail services.

GEL Manicures

With all our Gel manicures we offer a choice of either – Jessica GELeration or OPI GELcolor. Choose from over 100 colours.
Long-lasting manicures.

  • A manicure that lasts up to 2 weeks!
  • A high-gloss, flawless finish
  • Fast application and dries instantly
  • Simple removal

What happens during application?

Firstly your cuticles are tidied, and nails are filed and shaped a GEL base colour, 2 coats of your chosen GEL colour and a GEL top coat are applied and then placed under an LED light to dry instantly.

How do I maintain my GEL manicure?

GEL polish can be soaked off and reapplied as often as you wish. Most clients find an appointment every 2 weeks keeps immaculate looking nails.

Will GEL polish damage my natural nails?

No, providing you don’t pick or peel the product off your nails. You must soak GEL polish off – either at home using our soak off kits or in the salon prior to your next application.

Cost of GELeration soak off kit £12.50 for 5 soak offs.

15mins £12.00

GELeration / OPI GEL Polish
15mins £17.00

An application of GELeration/OPI GEL Polish. PLEASE NOTE: Only suitable for nails that require no cuticle work, filing or shaping.

Jessica Express Manicure
30mins £20.00

Includes cuticle tidy, nails filed and shaped, hand cream and an immaculate application of polish.

Jessica Express Manicure + GELeration / OPI GEL Polish
30mins £27.50

Jessica Treatment Manicure
45mins £29.50

Includes a cuticle soak and tidy then nails are filed and shaped. Hand and arm exfoliation is followed by a luxury massage. Finished with an application of polish.

Jessica Treatment Manicure + GELeration / OPI GEL Polish
45mins £36.00

Jessica Mitt Treatment
1hr £36.00

As above, plus hands are snuggled into warm mittens to help dry skin absorb rich moisturisers and emollients.

Full Bio-Sculpture Gel Manicure
45mins £34.50

Enjoy stunning, long-lasting results with this advanced Gel manicure using all Bio-Sculpture products and colours.

  • Hardwearing – Lasts for up to 3 weeks with virtually no chipping or lifting
  • Natural and professional finish
  • Requires no or minimal buffing to your own nails
  • Helps you to grow your own nails avoiding the false ‘hoof’ look of budget acrylic nails

Includes a cuticle tidy, nails filed and shaped, application of Vitamin Soak to strengthen and condition the natural nail. An application of Bio-Sculpture base coat is then applied followed by two coats of your chosen Bio Sculpture colour followed by a top coat to give incredible strength and shine. PLEASE NOTE: Bio Sculpture products should be soaked off in between applications.

Bio-Base Everlasting Manicure
30mins £31.00

Bio-Sculpture gel is applied as a base coat for extra strength and durability.
This is followed by an application of GELeration / OPI gel polish for stunning, instantly dry nails that last up to three weeks! Perfect for clients who need a longer lasting gel manicure. Also includes cuticle tidy, nails shaped and an application of hand cream.

Soak off
15mins £8.50

Removal of gel polish (prior to reapplication only).

Soak off Treat & Tidy
30mins £18.00

Includes removal of your gel polish, cuticle tidy plus an application of Jessica Restoration Nail Strengthener and Phenomen Oil to rejuvenate your nails.

NEW Dip & Buff Acrylic Dip System


A great alternative to traditional acrylic overlays – fast and flawless!

  • Stronger than GEL polish
  • No drills! Easy to remove with minimal damage to the natural nail.
  • Odour free great alternative to traditional acrylics.

The NEW Dip & Buff Acrylic Dip System offers a great alternative to traditional acrylic overlays. By painting a basecoat onto the natural nail plate, then lightly dipping the nail into the Acrylic powders we can create a flawless and long lasting natural overlay in around 45 minutes! Available in 30 colours, including shimmers, glitter and French.

Dip & Buff Express Manicure
45mins £31.00

Includes cuticle tidy, nails filed and shaped, hand cream and an immaculate application of Dip & Buff Acrylic powder.

Nail Enhancements - Dip & Buff Acrylic system with Tips

Offers an alternative to traditional acrylics requiring no drills. It’s quick and easy to remove and creates a natural looking nail enhancement.

  • Instantly lengthens nails
  • Natural looking nail enhancement avoiding the false ‘hoof’ look of budget acrylic nails.
  • No drills! Minimal damage to the natural nail with easy removal.
  • Odour free

Dip & Buff with Tips
1 hr 30mins £47.00

A tip is applied to the natural nail and filed to your desired shape and length. A base coat is then applied to the entire length of the nail and then lightly dipped into an acrylic powder in a colour of your choice. This is repeated 2-3 times. Nails are then smoothed over and a top coat is applied for an instantly beautiful set of nails.

Foot Care & Pedicures

Our wonderfully relaxing pedicures will leave your feet soft and smooth with glowing skin and gleaming toe nails

Toe Paint

Energising Pedi Express
30mins £23.00

Includes a foot cleanse with hot towels, toe nails filed and shaped plus cuticle tidy. Jessica Intense Heel Repair Cream is then massaged in for super hydration, leaving you with smooth and supple tootsies. Toe nails are then immaculately polished.

Energising Pedi Express + GELeration / OPI Gelcolor
30mins £28.00

Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure
1hr £39.00

A yummy treat for the feet! Includes cuticle tidy and nails filed and shaped. Hard skin is removed with a foot rasp and feet are then soaked in the relaxing foot spa. Foot and leg exfoliation is then followed by a delightful foot massage. Finally your toe nails are immaculately polished. Our Zen Spa pedicures are carried out in our luxury spa pedicure chairs so not only will you receive a fantastic pedicure but you’ll also get a blissful back massage at the same time!

Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure + Heated Booties
1hr 15mins £45.00

As previous treatment, plus feet are snuggled into warm booties to help rough skin and cracked heels absorb emollients.

Jessica Zen Spa Pedicure + GELeration / OPI Gelcolor
1hr £45.25

Clarins PedicureNEW
1hr £42.00

A sensory experience which pampers and nourishes your feet whilst you’re relaxing in one of our massage chairs (heaven)! Includes a cuticle tidy and nails are filed and shaped. Hard skin is removed with a foot rasp and then feet are soaked in the relaxing foot spa. Includes a massage and exfoliation to leave your skin glowing and your toe nails filed and buffed to perfection. Finishes with an immaculate application of polish.
Choose from Clarins relaxing and uplifting scents to create a treatment tailored to your needs.

Callus Heel Peel
30mins £25.00
Add to any pedicure for an additional £20.00

An efficient way of removing the build-up of hard, cracked or dry skin from your feet.

  • Achieve beautifully soft feet
  • Callus Peel leaves your feet looking and feeling great

The Callus Peel Patch is applied to the area of hard skin then wrapped in cling film. After 15 minutes your technician will gently scrape away the hard skin with a specially designed tool. Feet are then filed to remove any leftover hard skin. A rejuvenating cream is then applied to help keep feet feeling soft and supple.

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