Professional Skin Consultation

Say hello to your healthiest, most radiant skin

Over time our skin’s ability to function healthily slows down. Internal and external damage gradually takes its toll and cell function becomes impaired.

Did you know that most facials only treat the outer layer of your skin? Our Rejuvenating and Ageing Well Facial Treatments are designed to affect skin at a cellular level, going beyond quick fixes and surface level products.

Sourced with intention, we use only evidence based and clinically proven technologies combined with medical grade skincare to transform your skin. We can help to improve every skin need, condition and type.

Prior to booking any ‘Rejuvenating and Ageing Well’ Facial Treatment we recommend a Professional Skin Consultation.

Professional Skin Consultation

This allows us time to explore in depth your personal goals, skin health, homecare routine, overall wellbeing and lifestyle. We can then determine the external and internal factors affecting your skin and create an effective personalised treatment plan, setting you on a journey towards your healthiest, most radiant skin ever.

£35.00 Redeemable against any recommended products or treatments.


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