We have a variety of technologies allowing us to treat unwanted blemishes safely and effectively.

Skin Tags

Skin Tags are harmless, wobbly, flesh coloured or brown growths that project from the surrounding skin. Varying in size from a pinhead to half the size of a pea, they are extremely common and usually found on the neck, eyelids and under the breasts.

We remove Skin Tags with a method called Diathermy which uses heat to cauterise the unwanted blemish.

Does it hurt?

Some clients may experience some discomfort but treatment is carried out very quickly.

How will it look after treatment?

The treated area will appear much smaller and darker then as the skin heals it will drop off -usually after 7 days.

1-2 tags £44.00
3-10 tags £82.00
More than 10 tags £95.00
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