Skin Tags & Millia

Skin Tags are harmless, wobbly, flesh coloured or brown growths that project from the surrounding skin. Varying in size from a pinhead to half the size of a pea, they are extremely common and usually found on the neck, eyelids and under the breasts.

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We remove Skin Tags with a method called Diathermy which uses heat to cauterise the unwanted blemish.

1-2 tags£52.00
2-6 tags£93.00
6- 10 tags£110.00

We can remove most skin tags, milia, small patches of keratosis, warts, age spots and sun spots. If you are unsure if your skin lesion is any of the above then please send a picture to prior to making your appointment as there will be a min £30.00 booking charge even if we are unable to remove it for you.

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