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Unlock the secrets of achieving a lower facelift without surgery

plus top tips on rejuvenating menopausal skin.

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Join us for an informative evening featuring:


EMFACE® Demonstration
The BRAND NEW PROCEDURE LOWER FACE LIFT. A true game-changer. Improve the most visible signs of ageing. Lift jowls, reduce double chin, sculpt jawline, firm & elevate facial muscles & tighten sagging skin, for a natural facelift effect. Learn about it’s benefits and workings.


Expert-LED Talk
From an AlumierMD Skin Expert. Watch a live demonstration, an educational presentation & learn top tips on how to rejuvenate menopausal skin.


Special Treats
Exclusive event on the night only offers on EMFACE® treatments and AlumierMD skincare products, plus receive an AlumierMD skincare goodie bag.



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What does the NEW PROCEDURE offer?

The EMFACE lower facelift offers all the benefits of the ‘original’ treatment but with game-changing additions. As before, a pad is placed on each cheek, and now also underneath the chin to give an increased jowl lift.


Lifted jowls

Reduced double chin

Sculpted jawline

Sculpted cheeks

Firmer and elevated facial muscles

Less sagging skin


How does it work?
EMFACE achieves incredible results through three approaches.


Radiofrequency: The pads emit radiofrequency waves to help tighten loose skin and stimulate collagen production, creating sculpted cheeks, jowls, and jawline.


High-intensity frequency electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES): The pads produce electromagnetic pulses of energy that cause the muscles in the face to rapidly contract and tighten. This helps build and sculpt muscles in the cheeks and the NEW chin pad lifts and tighten the platysma and digastric band muscles that run from underneath the chin to the neck.


NEW Synchronised radiofrequency: The NEW chin pad allows you to incorporate synchronised radiofrequency into your EMFACE treatment, which works to burn away fat that accumulates under the chin as part of the ageing process. (This is an optional as not all clients will require this element.)



& Special Offer!
Our event will be held on Thursday 4th July at 5.30pm.


See the EMFACE treatment in action and ask any questions. Plus an educational presentation where you’ll learn top tips on how to rejuvenate menopausal skin.

AND Exclusive event on the night ONLY OFFERS!


Want to join us? Tickets cost just £20 redeemable against any EMFACE bookings — and all attendees will receive an AlumierMD skincare goodie bag.

Places for the launch event are very limited, so secure your spot now, email info@bsmedispa.com or call 01277 230330. You’re welcome to bring a friend, but they’ll need a ticket too.


We look forward to seeing you there!

Sandy and The MediSpa Team 💕